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Ode to the Ocean

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Ode to the Ocean |

As I sat there on this shore with vasts of blue laid out in front of me, the tide kissing my feet just barely, I could only think of how we are all so much like water. Waves building up then breaking into particles, colors changing from turquoise to deep blue, endless horizon on solid motion. Depths left undiscovered and bits and pieces so overlived it's suffocating.Maybe that's why I only ever felt at ease when I was staring out at nothing but undying blue, why my mind could only quiet down in the face of this soft anger displayed in front of me. Because in the end, there was water first and it remains first - our ultimate ancestor, our everlasting source of life. And coming back to it is really just coming back to myself, and leaving again - a little mightier, a bit deeper, and a whole lot more.

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