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longing |

Longing for something, something special.

Longing for the glowing, red apple on the top branch of the tree.

Longing for just one more episode of your favorite TV-show.

Longing for the sun, slowly setting on the horizon.

Longing for just a chance of happiness.

Longing for music so beautiful, it makes me feel like I'm floating.

Floating through the galaxy, past the stars, that I long for so desperately.

I long for summer, for snow, for order in chaos and for just a bit more time than there is.

Longing for so much, but most of all, longing for you.

You are my special something, the glowing red apple, you are that one episode, you are my sun and my happiness. You are like music to my ears, you are my stars, my summer, my snow, my order in chaos; you give me that time that I need.

I long for you most, because if I had you, I'd need nothing else.

If I had you, I wouldn't long so much anymore.

ยฉ Jazz 2022-04-06


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