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It is what it is

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It is what it is |

but i miss you and it still doesn't make any sense to me how easy was it for you to forget me. but i still have a lot of stories to tell you. but i am really tired now and right now your soft hair makes the memory of you harder to forget and i don't know how to forget you and trust me i don't give a fuck to learn. but i don't want to write you as a ghost in my texts anymore. because you are still alive. but not here. but you left. but you left.but you left. but I'm still haunted. and i don't want to be cured if it means i will forget about you. but i don't want to write about you in the past tense anymore. but we write about the things we miss in the past tense because they are gone. and you are gone. and you are gone. and you are gone. but we share the same sky. but I don't believe in skies. but I pray for you to come back anyway.

© Kamal Alhomsi 2022-12-06


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