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You cannot know

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You cannot know |

You will never understand the depths of my loneliness.

That is why you cannot understand me.

I am a lot of things and we do have some in common.

But the very thing that makes me me is my solitude.

Nobody can really relate and the ones that do, they run away,

because it is hard to see the truth from this closeness.

It is hard to live in the light of your darkness.

It is frightening to know that what I am is who you are.

And yet I am the only one feeling it.

Can you follow me on my journey, or should we go our separate ways?

What is it about you that makes you you? What is exactly that frightens you?

Is there a way to stop bleeding, or is that what makes us humans humans?

© Kamélia Bancsov 2023-01-10


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