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I can't do it anymore

can't see as before

wish I could shut this door

the one I spoiled, which me has spoiled

be honest, that what I was told

be strong too , be free be you

it's me, with me or you

I feel as this fall was it all

nothing but it as I grow

no feelings, no wonders, just me and that call

this pen calls, it does, calls my eyes

calls my hands to write as they won't

calls my heart to care less

calls me to take off my stress

calls us to clean our mess

calls us to write, honestly, carefully, then leave

calls us to think, to write, to read, then believe

this pen draws, draws it's seasons on our leaves

but mostly it shows me , what I can or can't

how and why, where and what

why is it me,?

or them who I know

or those who inspire, just like you

I feel as if I'm their thief.

stealing their abilities and desires

as the young judge fires

with the eyes of justice

flying in me chest

clearing what's left

gathering the truths

of how I see them and you

Holy, are we? or just gates for each other

have we been?!

I think of us whenever I think

I see the crush we had

the days we made of love

our fights, our walking away

and our comings back

but you're not alone there

you're just the one who clears that sphere

just had to say it..

you're still my friend can't deal with you well

you have your special place, for sure

but I still can't tell where!!

© kirazor 2021-11-06


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