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the last rise

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the last rise |

minds were written as the wise

worth-lesses winged flying for a price

hands of the many owning this dice

lit to be the dark of a sacrifice

no views for our act to be seen

but the walk of the ones among the green

but the climb falling for 'been'

got to die, being alivegot to live off death, for a survive

got to sink in them, the skies of a dive

not away of the way do we walk

not but the last move for the talk

it's us the ones who built and broke

so let the shine get to fill it's curse

as long as the sounds are what false

our only reasoning for a cause

away have we been still forever close

it's the one who choses us , which we choose

heavy breaths we've got to take so we fix

ancient countings of lost through the start of those bricks

earthing the grounds of homes for us the pulse

beating the songs of trageding victors by losses fulls

filled with the peaceful bleed have they flew

criming acts of sins through angels never few

which got to god them lands us the pride we threw

to gather the lights of sands towards watering my crew

of named bless by cursing my to lonefor the longing at the loud silent by the moan

no love ever to verb, neither a pride to be shown

but to live by the seas, as we've oceaned 'em grown

not to vein it off, the heart but to book them my stone...

© kirazor 2021-10-13


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