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Love Poem

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Love Poem |

Every time I see you

as well as when I hear you


My heart beats fast

and I know: my love will last


Your eyes are colourful,

Your voice is wonderful,

Your hair is beautiful,

My love’s so powerful.

I want to

phone you

but I do not.

I just think of you a lot.

I know it is true


I love you.

You visit me in my dreams.

I’m in love with you, it seems.

I have to confess

to deny my love is senseless.

I’ll love you, forever

My love will stop never.

When I see

that you look at me

Then my heart beats faster.

I know I’m no poem-writing master

but this one is especially for you, boy

and what you say makes me beam with joy:

“I know it is true


I love you.”

© Klara Schwarzott 2021-07-12


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