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Job application

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Dear Reader,

it’s 12:14 pm. You requested a prompt response to your question. I’ll try to keep track of time.

My name is Lili. Five years ago, or is it even longer than that?

Oh Oh. It seems I am not good at this. At keeping track of time, I mean. Or what is it that I am good at anyways?

Did I mention that time restrictions stress me out? I’ll try to answer your question. And I should mention something. It is coming from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for this adventurous job application. Most of the time one has to be fake. Let’s put this into more creative words: Job applications that feel like vampires sucking the vivid life force out of your cells, require someone behind the screen who has difficulties staying true to himself. So thank you dear Reader for asking me a question that helps me understand myself a bit better.

I have already faced several outcomes of decisions that were not popular in my environment. All of them are related in my opinion and I am still in the process of making decisions that not many people support. There are always going to be strong voices and sharp eyes bombarding your senses. But if you truly trust your life experiences and the way they made you feel, you can stay strongly on your feet. You will survive the encounters with the forceful winds of destruction blowing straight through the chambers of your heart.

Me personally, I don’t know if I regret my decisions. All I know is that I don’t want to regret anything when I happen to grow old. We are allowed to make mistakes, cho[o]se something that doesn’t have any logic to it. We are only humans at the end. 12:42 pm.

© Lil Vi 2021-09-16


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