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“Unchangable Society”

We, women, have to “behave”,

But all I want to be is brave.

I try to be honest and nice,

But if I want to date a guy

I have to pay the price.

'Cuz if we dress up to impress

We might get something we didn't expect.

But that's the issue with society.

The way women are perceived.

The saddest thing about it all,

Is the way it seems unchangable.

"Music and Wrecking Balls"

Music is the door to the soul

It shows the broken pieces of us all.

When we deem you worthy,

You might see our inner workings.

The way we hate and love

Or why we cry and laugh.

But to even get to know all that

We have to know it's not gonna stab us in the back.

When we place our trust in one of you at all,

It's breaking down our mental walls,

with armor and wrecking balls.

'Cuz even without saying stuff

Music shows it without a thought.

© Marie Pichler 2022-07-10


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