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The things I would tell you today

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The things I would tell you today |

Hi there,

long time no hear...

I wanted to tell you some things, as I had been thinking of you quite a few times, since I moved to that crazy city, that used to be our meeting point...

Where to start? Hm, you know I'm just gonna get directly to what I wanted to say!

At the moment I feel like I'm growing. Pretty much - sometimes even a little to much.

Well let's say I had to grow in different ways over the last months. And as I didn't quite have a choice: I just did!

Well sometimes when I felt like I wouldn't be able to keep on going doing all kinds of things, I started to think of you again. Just every once in a while...

Guess I don't really need to tell you this. You might feel it anyway - if the connection is still on from time to time - as I hope.

It's been such a long time we have heard each other. Meeting up for real - even farther.... Do you remember that last time? Was pretty sad to me.

But I also remember the look you gave me. There was something in your eyes that made me forget the feeling I had had just before. Cause it showed me you still care - even if you did say different things. But I could sense, could feel it in that last hug of yours.

I could have melted in your arms again.

But I didn't and neither did you.

You never pushed or rushed anything.

So after all that time, what I wanna tell you is that you reached right out to me, back then in the days. And that you teached me a lot.

That cloud of freedom that seemed to surround you for example... Following me now. Covering me with liberty whenever I need it.

And it does it a little more with every step I continue to do - on my own path. This gives me strength. It's powerful! And it does mean a lot to me. I learned to turn it into my own freedom.

You asked me to turn the page - and I did. Still you held me like you didn't really mean it. And I took that warm 1second-feeling with me. Can you imagine that? After all that time...

And you know what? I did turn the page. It was pretty easy - as we both wanted to do so! That's why I haven't been missing us. I don't miss that 'us' we used to have. Been too long, too much water ran down our boths paths and rivers...

But! When I think of you every once in a while... When something randomly brings me back an old memory... It still makes me smile. Remembers me how important these years finally were to me.

And now? YOU still are. In a very different way. In a peaceful, past memory, way.

But it activates hope and faith and a tiny little bit of inner sunshine. I kinda learned that. Just enough so that I wanted to let you know.

I mean, I know you won't get to read this. But I wanted to write it down anyway. Cause maybe it's exactly whats working out for me, to write down what comes around. It frees me. My mind.

That is wonderful. So I wanna say thx 4 all of this!

Have a great one, as I know you always do! And let the sun shine wherever you are! Maybe it still reflects a little bit. Giving me like a tiny blink of the eye when I'm aware enough. Even if it might just be an idea & even though all that distance - it's beautiful to me. Believing you are fine.

You take care of yourself.


© MissReveuse 2022-01-14


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