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Light and dark - Night and day

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Light and dark - Night and day |

I always questioned why I felt most at home in the dark. Why I disliked the warmth of the sun and rather danced under the other stars. There had to be a reason the moon seemed friendlier than the sun.

I think the reason was that my heart and soul realized that the night is the closest I could get to the rest of the universe. That what we know as day is not the usual, that the day is the abnormal and the night is what is known everywhere else.

The sun can be seen as a miracle by those who prefer the day over night. But I prefer night over day.

The tranquility of the dark reaps the dreamer from the thinker. Divides them into those who only dream at night and those who never stop.

Tell me something beautiful.

Darkness means creation.

When there is nothing only something can come.

Who is awake at that time you ask?

The artists are painting,

The poets are writing,

The ballerinas are dancing

It is the solitude of the night that gives me the space to create. It is the twinkling of all the other stars I can see. The night doesn’t need words to tell me that there is more out there, all I have to do is look up and open my eyes.

Let them wander around, jump from stars to constellations to planets.

I know they are out there.

I can see them.

In the day,

I can’t.

I have to believe the words I hear that there is more out there, all I can see is our own star and sometimes the moon, when I am lucky.

But I can never see beyond the horizon.

I don’t question why I feel most at home in the dark anymore.

I let it be light and I let it be dark.

And exist

© Nel 2022-06-15


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