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pious servant

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pious servant |

This better choice - tell me more OFF this Joice

Tell me more - a FAMILY - abandoned - REASONS pious servant

Tell mi less ON dolphin ON LEMMINGi ON CATi

Most off ALL WTF is to cut OFF right-left ON CLIFFs




seventen more OFF

FamilyROOT ahGYPTisch AKA Gipsy rooted GUT

AtheLion asks imprisioned len A girl called francis

backthrown from THoROWN

DEVINE p-s. What is Thou WILL, who slauther KARMA

got no gut!

GUT is all than fals and wrong can deliver - CROSS ROADS

Ways shown in +HER eyes shining shimmering LOVE

Eval hands touched, CUT

Eval thouts catched, CUT

Eval thefts left, SEARCHlight

DANCE in the Moonlight will bring the DAWN of LAND Ileos laying in DARK

Tell my your thoughts - Are U abel 4 z clear path or ADVICE

Every ONE aides, every ONE is alone every ONE cares passion reaching OUT

ATHELION missi s

© nibiruattack 2021-07-23


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