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I am A Monster

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“Mom, I am a monster,” a boy said on a Halloween night. The boy's name is Mason and he's 11 years old. He's wearing a monster costume. But he didn't want this costume, he didn't like it. He wanted to be a superhero, but unfortunately his family is quite poor, so they couldn't afford such a costume and his mom, with whom he goes trick or treating, made him the costume. They used to have money, his dad owned a business, but one day it went bankrupt. But he was looking forward to trick or treating, he was looking forward to spending time with his mom. Now she does not spend a lot of time at home, she is trying to find a job. It was time to go trick or treating. They visited a lot of homes, enjoyed it, but suddenly they met a group of children. Mason knew them, they were kids from school. In fact, they were his bullies. Mason knew it wasn't good that they had met them. He wanted to leave, but his mom wanted to talk to them, to say hello. She didn't know her son was being bullied. Mason didn't tell her, he didn't tell anyone. He was afraid it would only get worse. “Mom, please, can we go?” Mason said. But his mom was confused. Why didn't he want to talk to them? His mom still went to say hi to them but before she even could say anything the bullies had already made fun of Mason's costume. “Ha hah where did you get that Mason? It looks like trash!" and they all just laughed. Mason had tears in his eyes, hoping this all was just a nightmare. Mason's mom was so disappointed. Mason ran away.

© Nikola P 2023-03-17


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