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Cupid |

A youth once mourned the lack of love in his life.

He cried at day, he cried at night. There were no mirrors in his house as he had smashed them all.

“No one would ever fall for this face of mine!”

After several years of mourning for a love that could have been, the now older man received a gift from Amor: A delicate golden arrow lay upon his linen pillow, sparkling in the sunlight.

A letter adorned this magical tool. Use me once and my chosen target will love you ‘till the end of days.

The man was delighted and went out on his balcony to observe the passing crowd. Young maiden, beautiful women, and grumpy spinsters – a whole lot passed his little home until night came. “Tomorrow is another day.”, he said. “I don’t need to choose one today.”

The next day came and he went out again, watching and choosing. He decided on a beauty when another one came who was even more beautiful than the other one. It went on.On the next day, a Sunday, he decided to close his eyes during mess in church. The nicest singing voice would be the right choice for him.

Needless to say – he did not find his partner that day.He owned a copy of Romeo and Juliet whose love had been in vain and decided to read it once again. Disgusted with the deadly ending, he set the arrow aside.

What if he missed his fated one and matched with a viper instead? His love would come to him this time! He would stay here and wait for it. But love did not come to visit him, dust settled upon lovely Amor’s gift and no women ever received the poisoned arrow’s tip.

The man died alone in his bed that he had never shared.The room was quiet when the arrow was retrieved.

None of his brothers was ever handed out again.

© Sabrina Billing 2022-09-06


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