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Between poison & lust

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Between poison & lust |

I wanna kiss those lips, taste this body.

I wanna give him that look of reproach while I stare him right in the eyes.

Mercyless and yet loving.

I wanna feel the heat of his body while his lustful eyes wander up & down my legs.

Knowing exactly how to drive him crazy - just to get a look at him all vulnerable, all pure.

I wanna be with him in silence and share the same thoughts.

Simple as that.

And yet the world is in between.

We were never meant to have a future, but ( despite all odds) we were meant to be…

All those times, destiny made us get together, just to tear us apart in a more cruel way each time.

Can't say I regret anything, can't say I will ever get over “us”, can't say I spend any more time trying…

© Sandra-btw 2022-05-14


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