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Intuition may I blame it on you?

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Intuition may I blame it on you? |

Today something weird happened and to be honest with you, I actually only realized that in the end… so stay tuned ;)

Vienna, known for its many Cafés is literally THE place to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever and wherever you are. So, it wasn’t surprising at all that I took a break at one of my favourite coffeehouses in the city at Landstraße. Since it’s been raining outside, it was pretty crowed indoors.

As I couldn’t find any free table, I walked up to a guy and without even thinking I just asked him (in English) whether I may join him… he just nodded in response – with his headphones still on he probably hadn't heard what exactly I just said…

While I was sitting there with my cup of Cappuccino, I noticed that there had been no plausible reason why I would ask him in English and not in German. To silence my annoying thoughts, I grabbed my earpods and played some music.

Half an hour later a woman showed up – obviously to meet the guy next to me and guess what… they were the only ones having a conversation in English.

As I left, it occurred to me that there was still no valid reason for me why I approached this guy in English – and usually I do talk German whenever I’m in Austria. So, was it maybe really my intuition that guided me without even having asked my rational mind for advice??

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