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Chapter 15

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Luna woke up to the sound of someone talking. She looked around the room, she was lying in, a little bit dazed. It was Tobias' room. Her body hurt like hell and it was wrapped in bandages. Suddenly, someone came into the room. Luna cried out and protectively put her arms over her head. Tobias put his hands in front of him and tried to calm her down:"“Shh, it's okay. You're safe now. I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay. I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you." Luna slowly put her arms down and leand against the wall behind her, holding her stomach in pain. She could see that Tobias was visibly relieved, that she was up. “How are you feeling? Do you feel any pain”, he asked, worried. “No, it's okay.”, she whispered out. ”Just take it slowly, you have been out for quite a while." Tobias got closer and softly put her chin up. “Do you wanna tell me what happened?” Luna looked down and a tear escaped her eyes. It was really painful to talk about what had happened, and what they did to her. No one had ever asked her that before. It took her quite a bit of effort before she started talking about it. She had to keep taking breaks between telling the story because it was a little bit too much for her. The memories were too painful.

Tobias' heart broke when he saw her sitting there broken and hurt. He couldn't process the story. A tear rolled down her cheek and he could see how much she fought not to cry in front of him. Carefully, he went to her, opened his arms and waited for her reaction.

A few seconds later, she hesitantly went to him and looked at him with teary eyes. Her lips started to tremble, and he lovingly pulled her into a gentle but firm hug. Luna started sobbing bitterly and hugged him tighter. „SHH I’m here. ” “How can I believe you when you let me down?", she asked with a frail voice. "I did it because I had to! Do you really think I love hurting you?” Tears formed in his eyes. “What? What is it you had to do!?”

He had to press his lips together, not wanting to cry. “I was the reason you nearly died, Luna. I can’t lose you. You are the one that makes me a better person.”

“But you still promised me.”, she gave subdued by. “You left me alone. When I needed you the most, did you ever care about me?” Luna was now crying really hard. She was hurt and she could finally let it all out. “Of course, I did. I meant everything I did for you. Luna, I will never leave you alone again . I promise.” He kissed her on the head and laid his chin on it. "Take it easy okay

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