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Dear me

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Dear me |

I won't tell you what it feels like

To secretly die inside

Hidden away from the world

In the dark where you can't get hurt

Between people who couldn't care less

If you want to die or are just a mess

They don't want you here

Secretly hoping you disappear

One burden less, one inconvenience gone

You can look back and wonder where you went wrong

But it has always been this way

You just didn't know how to say

That you're hurting

Today you know the words

But choose to stay silent as it gets worse

And nobody notices the pain that is shown

In the face you can hardly recognize as your own

But hey, it's going to be alright

Forget that you cry at night

Forget that you try to fight

While they stand aside

Not even worrying about what might

Be going on in your head this time

Just some small, silly ideas

But what you believe is what everyone fears

And one day it will be too much

Came as a burden and will go as such

And I don't know when you'll see me again

But until then

Maybe you won't hurt anymore

And have become the person you were before

© Selima Chowdhury 2023-02-22


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