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Letter No.10

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Letter No.10 |

Dearest Sven,

I hope you are enjoying the holidays! Everything here is covered in snow by now. I would love to send you a little sketch of my view, but in your last letter you asked for a picture of me. So I tried my hand at a self potrait, although I’m not certain how well it turned out overall. I will send you the winter scenery outside my window in the next letter.

However, I have to admit that I am almost beginning to get worried that you might run out of space for the pictures. Even if I don’t send one with every single letter, and even if the sketches are rather small, with ca. two letters a week, you should have amassed quite the collection by now.

But I like the idea that at night, you sleep in a kind of little museum, filled with the impressions I put to paper for you.

I already finished Forster’s Maurice last week by the way. I wasn’t sure if I should tell you about it, because I’m desperate for you to read it yourself! Have you made progress on Pride & Prejudice already?

Of course, I understand that after Mr. Darcy’s proposal, you’re now asking yourself why this is supposed to be some kind of grand love story, his proposal really is dreadful. But I don’t want to tell you anything in advance, so I’ll just hope you have already read further.

My art teacher gave me some new colours today. She thinks that I’m relying too much on my sketches and the impressionistic impreciseness of watercolour, and she wants me to challenge myself a little more and experiment with other styles.

I know that she’s right, but now I’m sitting here with a canvas and acrylic colours and don’t quite know what to paint on it. It comes easy to me with sketches, I always have ideas and usually enough paper.

But a canvas… painting a canvas takes so much more time and I only have the one, I first want to be certain of my subject before I begin to paint it. It would probably be best to do a few small watercolour studies before I really try the canvas.

Please let me know which weekend in January would work for you, so I can ask my parents.

With love and kisses,


© Severin Buchenau 2022-05-21


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