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Living without money - the vagabond blog Part 2

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Living without money - the vagabond blog Part 2 |

It was really luxurious in that house that I found where the inhabitants obviously weren't at home, with table and garden chairs, with light and water from a garden hose. I took a quick shower with it in the evening, naked and in the open air.

The next morning I stopped by the free clothing store and dropped off some of the clothes I had found just before. I was allowed to take a sleeping bag as well as two towels and drink as much coffee as I wanted; I loved that very much. Of the new clothes I got, I decided to go with a white T-shirt and an Indian skirt with sequins. It didn't seem to look bad, because two men I hitchhiked with, one after the other, mind you, tried to hit on me, one of them even grabbed me when I got out! That had never happened to me before! I was really upset. The other one wanted to take me for a walk in the mountains, but stopped touching me when I moved his hand. The day before, a motorcyclist had also tried the same thing... It was holiday season and must have been because of that.

Back at Pappys

August 10, 2009 - Monday

Current mood: cheerful

I went back to the countryside this weekend to visit Pappy, I had to wait a long time, but someone from the neighboring village brought me right to the front door. Thierry invited him for a glass of cider as a thank you; he was just outside the door when I arrived and lit a fire. “For the barbecue,” the stranger said. And here I am: I had forgotten many details in my summary last time such as the thing with the fire. Thierry said there was an explosion with the gas stove. “They must have used the wrong gas”. The small bottles for the camping stove were empty, so Thierry had taken a metal box and put it on two stones, he made a fire on it. The pots were put on a grate. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, there was enough wood in the nearby forest.

I found two cooking plates in the city these days and I brought them with me. Thierry taped a missing plug to them and then the thing worked, both cooking plates, wonderful. Due to a short circuit that occurred at one point, only a few lights in the house are working, and the water has a strange taste, so I prefer to get water to drink from somewhere else. I would rather not talk about the toilet that cannot be used... The TV was running day and night at extreme volume.

Luc said: “I can always tell when I get to the village whether Pappy is home or not”. On weekends, I went swimming in a pool run by people who were away for the weekend. The next time I went there, they were there. There was no fence around the property, so it was easy to get in. The sunsets were simply spectacular. The sunset next to the nearby mountain painted the sky in orange and red almost every day.

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