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Dear Juda

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Dear Juda!

It’s a pleasure to hear from you! I am well, and I hope you are too. When my teacher introduced this program, I was very excited at the prospect of writing to someone from a different corner of the universe. I am in fact Illur, and the crystals you spoke of can be found in every home here as we use them to charge if we are unable to get energy otherwise. As you already know my name is Kayan, and I am 16 moons old. I had to look up how our ageing system transferred to yours. I have no siblings, but I do have Spasin, he is of a species similar to your planet’s wood mice. I enjoy going on long walks in my free time or exploring the many caves we have here. My parents both work at a library, however I don’t plan on joining them there. Can you tell me a little more about your planet and your family? I think it’s fascinating how different they seem to be and if you don’t mind could you tell me about your school as well? What you study and so on, I’m curious where the difference lies there.

Sincerely, Kayan.

Dear Juda!

You already knew that my kind feeds off of energy; why is it so crazy to you that we like to sit in lightning storms? You’re really strange sometimes, I think that’s one of the best things about writing to you. I’m sorry to hear that you feel lonely. While I can’t relate, I can guess that your siblings suddenly not being there anymore feels strange and uncomfortable. About your parents, they can’t force you to work at the brewery. I’m sure it's important for them that you are happy and if you’re more happy at the forge they can’t really deny you that, right? And don’t worry, your “moping” is not bothering me, I think it's nice that you trust me that much. I also very much hope that we get to meet one day, but am also a little worried as to how you have been imagining me. However, I can’t really say that I haven’t been imagining what you look and sound like. We’ll make it work one day!

Your friend, Kayan.

Dear Juda!This letter is gonna be very short as I know you will be arriving in a few hours. I’m not even sure why I am writing it. Probably because it’s a habit to answer everything you send me and your letter arrived earlier. You don’t have to worry about your nerves, I am just as nervous and excited, maybe even more. Two hundred and one letters since our first letter and I finally get to meet you. I hope you like it here; I have so many things to show you and my parents are excited to meet you as well. We have known each other for so long and all our talks have been on paper. I honestly don’t think meeting you in person can ruin anything. I’m looking forward to finally getting to hug you. From your descriptions of yourself, I might be taller than you, which is gonna be very funny. Of course I will be there at the space port. I would not miss it for anything on this planet. I just hope I can find you, we’ve never seen each other and did not talk about a sign so that we would recognize ourselves. I will probably bring a sign with your name on it. I’ve seen that in a few human movies. See you soon!

Your overjoyed best friend, Kayan.

© Sina Hörth 2022-08-29


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