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Life is beautiful

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If there were only one moment, one state, one species, one form in life, would life have meaning, joy and color?

I do not know..

There is no time cycle where my life goes exactly the same.

A changing, transforming process or life, I guess that's why; not one day is the same as another, not a week, not a year. Beyond these, neither one eyebrow is the same as the other, nor a friend of mine. There are similarities, of course, however, they are not exactly the same, nothing in my life.

Of course, so am I, different from moment to moment. The feelings I feel are changing, my thoughts are changing. My perspective changes, day by day, as I get older, my level of understanding, learning time, and capacity for compassion change.

While everything is so changeable, it changes from moment to moment in life.

How is your relationship with the states of your life, with all these changes?

Are you one of those people who are told a lot when life comes across with something you don't want?

To this question, “Oh, is this also a question? Are you one of those who say, "Of course I will be told"?

Are you saying "No, I'm used to it, I'm one of those who are not told anymore"?

Are you one of those who say "What will happen if you say the moon, no one hears, sees or changes"?

Me? I am all of these. Sometimes I'm taken for granted, sometimes rebellious, sometimes submissive, sometimes bored, sometimes hopeless. Sometimes I hold onto these situations with compassion and understanding.

Why expect human conditions to be of a single type, just as there is not a single type of plant, a single type of tree, or a single size leaf in a single type of tree in life?

When I look around me, why do I expect this person to think the same things as me when the people I see are different in height, weight, skin color, age, and facial features are different.

I am the one who makes the "other" who is not like me, who is different from me, who cannot accept "being the other for him".

If you're wondering what does this, it's our mind that does it. Our mind that sees the differences, finds it risky, finds various ways to keep us alive, and says that if everything and everyone is like me, I will feel safe.

However, the being we call human is not just his mind, is it? If I realize what really poses a risk for me, if I can accept the differences and if I can determine with my conscious mind that being different is not a risk, and if I can even evaluate these differences as diversity, won't there be an atmosphere of peace in my inner world and peace in my outer world, even if life is not a holiday? Do disagreements turn into compromises?

If I wonder about the values ​​behind the thought of someone who thinks differently from me; If I wonder what the motivation might lead this person to think and act like this, if I focus on understanding the other person instead of questioning and judging, if I put the other person in a connection dance instead of having a verbal duel, wouldn't I be dancing with the states of life?

© Sokak Kavgalari 2022-01-20


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