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Bloody Mary

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Bloody Mary |

Loving Lie

We only work

by both being liars

gladly love is worth

to be a jerk

Toxic Temptation

Bathtub filled with blood

and mind with drilling mud

in need of an instruction

googling youtube tutorials

How to get over him

They say go for destruction

but even going to the gym

feels like reading our memorials

memory of us like a tattoo

I’m trying to wash off with shampoo

Sadly ever after

I don’t know what happens to love

though I know I don’t like you anymore

It’s irritating - being rid and sick of

you while you once was all I asked for

despite all feelings mentioned above

I - utterly, hopelessly - loved you to the core

So where did this love went?

Which they say is not meant

to be, even though it doesn’t end

Ain’t it love?

The risk of you

answering true

„never been into

you“ would screw

me over brand-new

and due to

previous miscue

I’m used to

your verbal voodoo

You wrecked me

I think you broke me

by telling hard truth

as if it would save me

from falling in love

maybe your words

build up a wall for you

no feelings could break

down or tear apart

except I wasn’t save

my heart laid open

something you disapprove of

now I find comfort

in useless lies

to disguise pain

Journey of a broken heart

I went from sudden sadness

to nothing happened, until

nostalgia drowned in madness

now anger seems to fulfill

me and my insanity

© Sophie Haller 2022-04-11


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