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White lie wrapped in a black dress

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White lie wrapped in a black dress |

I really hate black. Tell my friends it's a boring colour - a white lie.Once I owned a black dress.Bought it for a Halloween party. What an amazing night! Fun and laughter, horror and comedy at once. I looked so good in that dress, to that day this version of myself is one of my favorites. I loosened up, forgot myself, felt invincible. And everyone believed me. Artistic theater wrapped in black lace.The next time I wore that black dress was to a funeral.My grandmother, the only person I knew who could love utterly and absolutely unconditionally, left me lost and lonely with my crackled small crying heart. Grief is a soft illness. It gently strokes you to depression. Leaves you over and over again, coming back heavier each thought of your loved ones. Poetic tragedy wrapped in black lace.I never wore that black dress again.You remind me of its story.

© Sophie Haller 2022-05-10


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