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Tavern in the woods

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Tavern in the woods |

The Rieglerhütte in the Vienna Woods was founded in 1872 by Josef Embacher and is located on the banks of the Halterbach in Karl-Bekehrty-Straße 180, 1140 Vienna. The tavern has always been a popular destination, and according to a historical edition of the "Presse" on February 14, 1886, it was even once the site of a wolf hunt. In 1873/74, a funicular to the Sophienalpe was opened not far from the hut. The so-called "Knöpferlbahn" was built by the industrialist Georg Sigl and was a real attraction at the time. It consisted of carriage-shaped cars attached to red iron balls ("Knöpferln"). On busy weekends, up to 200 people were transported hourly. Unfortunately, the railway was demolished as early as 1881. Today, old photos and engravings, as well as the former railway line, which serves as a footpath to the Sophienalpe, still remind us of it.

Under the leadership of the Prilisauer family, the Rieglerhütte has experienced a renaissance in recent years as a retreat for city dwellers. They come for typical Austrian dishes of excellent quality (Viennese schnitzel, spare ribs, roasted chicken, salads, breads, oven-baked potatoes, pastries, etc.). Some meals are prepared outdoors on the open fire. In addition, the excellent Hütteldorf beer is exclusively served here. In autumn and winter, especially roast goose, pumpkin cream soup, and semolina dumplings, as well as Solmnauer Nockerl, attract visitors to the fireplace-lit interior of the inn.

The Rieglerhütte can be reached on foot from the end station of bus line 52A (Jägerwaldsiedlung) via a two-kilometer forest road (access by car is only allowed on Fridays from 3 p.m.). It should also be noted in advance that mobile phones do not work near the tavern. This is due to the shielding by the surrounding hills and, in the sense of digital detox, further contributes to shifting down one's gears.

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