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Claire, the Virgo

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Claire, the Virgo |

Claire was an unlikely Virgo. She was somewhat haphazard in her personal life...often misplacing her spectacles and rarely used precious belongings. Because she had a tendency to keep them so safe, she would forget how safe she kept them.

She was, however, extremely precise when it came to timing the important events of the day. For example, she would wake up at 3.33am to start work as a mobile nursing assistant with All Hearts, the leading mobile nursing company in Linden, Brunswick.

She would count slowly as she took a toilet break to measure how long it took for her to pee. She was no healthfreak, but she found a certain satisfaction in knowing she was peeing enough, and therefore, drinking enough.

Perhaps this obsession with symmetry in numbers came from the moment Claire dreamt, a decade ago, of her aunt May and uncle Peter, who "gave" her 2 sets of numbers: 2254 and 5422.

At about the godly or spiritual hour of 3am, Claire woke up with a vague memory of the numbers, stumbled toward the living room and wrote them down. Later, at 8am, she saw these numbers and drove straight to the local lottery store to buy 10€ worth of each set of numbers.

Claire won 3rd prize that Saturday, which yielded a cool 3.000€ in lottery winnings. Without a doubt, she drove southward along the countryside toward her aunt May's home. Within half an hour on a humid Sunday morning, Claire was knocking on her aunt's door.

A pair of curious eyes blinked at Claire as the front door was opened.

"Why are you so early?"

"Thank you for the 3.000€ , aunt's half your share!"

May looked confused, but when Claire explained her dream to her aunt, May's face turned pale. After a pained pause, she explained: 2254 was the hospital registration number of her first hospital stay for breast cancer.

May's hospital stay was months ago, and Claire did not visit her then as she was on the island of Penang, visiting her paternal grandparents.

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