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Memories are funny, aren’t they?

They just randomly pop up in your mind whenever you see, smell, taste or feel something familiar.

They just appear and fill your heart with this warm and cozy feeling.

Aren’t memories what we live for?

Each memory is a story, one we treasure in our hearts.

In each memory is a version of ourselves, the me we were at the very moment.

20 years could pass but you would still have your stories.

And each time you talk about them you will be taken back in time.

Every person is a storyteller.

No matter if you write them down or just treasure them in your heart.

We are all filled with stories.

The stories of the past, the present and the ones we haven’t even lived through.

So, no matter how sad or bad a situation is, remember that someday you will have another story to tell.

And who knows, maybe your story will be a memory for someone and they will remember you through it.

Isn’t being remembered what we want to do when everything comes to an end?

At least I want to.

I want to be remembered.I want people to know who I was, even when I am gone.

Because being remembered means being cared for.

And being cared for means being loved.

I want to be loved, even when I am gone.

So I'll tell them.

I'll tell them all my stories.

Every memory I have.

In case…

If everything comes to an end,

Will you remember me?

© thewriter 2022-05-05


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