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Trust is a concept hard to describe. So untouchable, so unshakable, yet so easy and fast to destroy. It only takes one step too far and the whole way underneath you gets blown up.

You see yourself staring at the person that just stabbed you in the back. Trying hard to keep standing up straight, not pushing your hands on the hole in your chest where your heart has been seconds ago. Holding the pose of an unwounded fighter. ‘Cause the only thing that hurts more than experiencing a breach of trust is having to show off how hurt you really are.

If you ever needed to experience this pain, you haven’t reached the real stage of trust . So don’t stay in anything that isn’t serving you longer, but spread your wings and fly. Fly and find yourself the real deal.

Be aware that you do not need to rely only on other people to experience real trust, even on a deeper level. Others are only one third of the whole. Yet they are a very powerful pillar of the whole concept.

The concept of trust that could easily be the greatest force in your life if you use it properly. It’s when you find trust in all the three parts, you will be unstoppable. When you have all three pillars holding you up high, you will never be able to fall.

But what sounds too easy to be true is probably the most complicated task you will ever put yourself through. Not even because it involves others, but because it involves yourself and your deepest belief systems.

Because the other two pillars are yourself and a higher power.

This might be a shock for you. People tend to rely more on others than on themselves. Longing more for external support rather than internal. Isn’t it extremely nice, nourishing and heartwarming to get to hear how loved you are, how supported you are and that you will never have to walk that hard and dark pathway on your own? Knowing that you can always count on your friends, call them at any time to receive a great advice or a ride home.

This kind of trust is extremely incredible. And there are only two types that could be better.

It’s when you are so sure about your idea, your decision or your dream, that you don’t even feel the need to share it with the people closest to you. That you don’t need to hear any opinion on this. Not because you’re afraid that anyone could talk you out of it, but because you know that even if the rest of the world will call you crazy, you jump right in and don’t give the smallest glimpse of interest. Because you just know that this is right for you. Your conscious knows. Your body knows. Your soul knows.

It's even when you don’t know any details. When you don’t know how, when, where or even what. When you trust that everything will be fine. That life always unfolds in your favor. That you will be guided to exactly where you need to be at the exact time you need to be. That the obstacles you face are nothing more than lessons to learn. That life is happening for you.

‘Cause that’s what having trust in a higher power means. No matter in which.

© Vanessa Hillen 2022-08-27


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