skip to main content is a platform which connects readers and authors. You can register for free and this allows you to write and read short stories, be inspired, interact with others and create your own ISBN (International Standard Book Number) book. An ISBN book can be sold worldwide, including on online platforms like Amazon or Thalia. Once you’ve sold 11 books, you receive 10% on every subsequent book sale.
On, everyone has the opportunity to write. Feel free to create your stories in 500 to 2,500 characters the way you want - as a single story, in a multi-part, everything is allowed. There is only one rule: no fantasy, no poems, but ... poetry slams are welcome.
All the features available on the platform are, and will always stay, free of charge. You can read, write and publish your stories and use our book process at no cost. We don't charge anything until your books are produced.
Our partner is Books on Demand (BoD). In Europe, the books are printed at their Norderstedt site and then shipped. BoD has international printing and logistics partners, making worldwide sales possible.
Our partner is Books on Demand (BoD). In Europe the books are printed at their Norderstedt site and then shipped. BoD has international printing and logistics partners, making worldwide sales possible.
Depending on VAT rates, books are available from booksellers starting at £12.50. As the writer, you can order copies at special rates.
Yes, for now, you can write your stories in German and in English. Other languages are coming soon.
As long as it's your story, to you. That's why your copyright line is found at the end of every story. All the rights remain yours when we create your book as well.
We produce every book on-demand and books are made using paper from sustainable sources. We’re working on finding a way to deliver books without wrapping them in plastic. Currently, there is no alternative, as covers would warp.
Register for free. Click on ‘Write a story’ on the right and get writing! If you want to publish the story right away, click the ‘Next’ arrow in the footer at the bottom. Add a suitable picture and information about your story and click ‘Publish’. You can also click ‘Save’ and come back to post the story later. You can always find your stories and drafts under ‘My’, ‘My stories’. You can edit your story anytime. Go to ‘My’, ‘My Stories’, click on the three small bars in the image preview and select ‘Edit Text’. Make any changes and then publish your story again. You can change your title after publishing, but we don't recommend you to do so, because your story will be harder to find on search engines like Google.
Before you publish your stories, you categorize and tag them. This way, anyone can search for your story using keywords from the text, plot types, period, emotions, and life themes. If you publish more than one story in a short period of time on the homepage you'll find the most recent story. All of your stories are found on the #Discover stories page.
If you want to get more readers excited about your stories, write about a topic that inspires you. Many readers enjoy special topics in particular (it could be gorillas, Harley-Davidsons, or long-distance hiking). Use your social channels to reach more readers: you can post your stories on Facebook, or Instagram, you can email them or read them on YouTube. You can make your local media aware of your writing - there are no limits.
You can look for stories, authors, or hashtags in our search: it’s the magnifying glass symbol at the top of the page.
No, that's up to you. But, the more information you add to your story, the easier it is for others to notice it.
There is no additional field for the picture credits. Many authors write their image source in a comment below, eg. image by
If third parties are recognizable in your narrative, then it is better to ask them beforehand how they feel about it. The same goes for photos.
Every week you'll find a story featured on the home page which the editorial team has judged to be fascinating and inspiring. This can be a great story that is already on the platform or a brand-new one. We decide according to our intuition – and no, we don't take bribes! ;)
First publish your story, then go straight to the challenge page. At the bottom of the page, click on ‘Join Now" and choose your story. If you can't choose a story, it's because only new stories can be submitted.
You can change the language in the editor at the bottom on the right side.
You can make your own book with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 17 stories. Just go to ‘My’ , ‘Make a Book’. With our Instant Book technology you create your book in a few steps: Choose the title, select a cover image and you can also write a dedication. Then select your stories. Each story becomes a chapter in your book. A chapter is always made up of four book pages (with or without an image). You can also select an image for every second story (2, 4, 6, …).
Every book has a hardcover (coated, matt), is 12x19cm in size, and can contain up to 8 colour images, they’re between 60 and 80 pages and will be printed on environmentally friendly 90g creme-coloured FSC paper using a premium printing process.
Every book with an ISBN number can be purchased from booksellers. These books are available online and in 99% of all bookshops. As a rule, it takes 2-7 days (usually a little longer on Amazon) until the booksellers' databases are updated. Then your book can be ordered online eg. at As soon as the first orders are placed, your book will be printed copy by copy. If there are more orders, booksellers may also put your book in stock.
Production and delivery usually takes 7-10 working days. However, there may be some delays due to Covid-19.
Contact us directly. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject 'Reorder' and the following information: Title, ISBN of the book, and how many books you want to reorder.
You can only publish an ISBN book under your real name or a pseudonym. All books with an ISBN are available in bookstores, and for each book sold in stores (after deduction of VAT). The total amount is paid out to you once a year, when the total amount is £10 or more (reference date 31 December, no later than 31 January of the following year). If a writer's fee is paid out we check that the name and account match.
You can write stories using a pseudonym. If you want to publish your book with an ISBN number though, you will have to use your real name. If you use an open pseudonym which you also use for example on a website or social media page on which you are identifiable as an individual in photos or in the Imprint (sometimes called Impressum), we can verify this pseudonym when you order 50 copies or more.
If you want to publish a book with ISBN, you can only do so using real names. You can still use your pseudonym on
If you'd like to make a book together with friends, then designate one person to be the editor. This person obtains permission to reprint from the authors and the stories can be published with the author's consent. Since this process has not yet been automated, we can only produce anthologies for quantities of 50 or more books.
A good cover poses a question to your readers that they can only answer when they read your book. With the right combination of image and text, create an overall picture that inspires this curiosity in your readers.
In step 2 you can see how the picture looks overall on the cover. In step 4 you will then see a print preview. This is what your printed book cover will look like.
At the moment you cannot format the book title, the system will format the title automatically.
We recommend choosing a particularly good story at the beginning and the end. There are no rules in between – you can sort them by content, chronology, or feeling.
Your story may be too long or have too many paragraphs. You can check this in the editor. Click on ‘How many pages has the story in the book’. If it is 4/3 pages, your story has too many paragraphs. Either shorten the text or delete a few paragraph returns. As soon as it is 3/3 pages, the story fits in the book. Don't forget to Save and publish the changes.
You can choose a picture for every second story. If there’s no picture there, the left page remains blank. If there is a free page on the right side, your story is too short. Add extra paragraph returns or add some more text.
Yes, the pictures in the book are in portrait (upright) format, on the platform in landscape (horizontal) format. For every second story, you can add a picture in portrait format and the best possible resolution. The minimum requirements are 600 x 900 pixels, 250 dpi. You either choose a suitable picture for the respective story, or you illustrate the entire book independently of the individual stories.
The right description makes your book easier for your prospective readers to find. The most important thing is: what is the book about? Also good to know is: When? Where? Who? What happens? How will the reader feel? Describe the emotion. Is one sentence particularly important to you? Use it as a short quote at the end of the text. Make your readers curious to find out more.
Your book is not published yet then go to your story under My > My Stories. Click on the story on ‘Edit text’, correct the mistake and then click on ‘Next’ and then on ‘Publish’. After that, go back to your book process, step 4, and check whether the corrections have been successfully made in the book. Please do not change the text of the stories until 72 hours after your order. If your book is already published please mail to [email protected] We then put your book back into your drafts and you can make the corrections.
The profile only shows books with ISBN.
In ‘My’, ‘My books’, ‘Drafts’.
Once the payment is completed, we will check the print PDF for technical requirements. You are responsible for the content. After that, we upload it to the printing company. We change your book from draft status to "confirmed books". From now on you cannot make any changes. In the online stores, e.g. Amazon or your local book store, your book will be available after 2-3 days. Production and delivery of your books usually take 7-10 business days. However, due to Covid-19 there may be delays at the printing company and bookbinder at the moment.
If you only make corrections to your texts, no. But you will get a new ISBN if you want to replace stories in the book with new ones. Then please create a new book with a new title.
If you reorder, we can re-upload your short description. Please write us an email to [email protected]
After your book has been published we will anually update you on how many copies you sell. From the 11th book onwards you will get 10% of the sales.
Our spell-checker will show you most of the mistakes. At the moment you can request additional proofreading services when creating a book. Write an E-Mail to [email protected]
Correct the mistakes in the text editor and then click "Publish". Return to your book process and check in the PDF preview of your book in step 4 whether all changes have been applied. Then you can complete the order process.
All ISBN books are available at the Libri and KNV book wholesalers.
Write your comment directly under the writer's story. Once the writer has approved it, your comment will be live.
You can tag someone in a comment to draw their attention to your comment. Use the @ sign and the writer's name and a list will open. Select the name and write your message.
You decide about the publication of each comment on your story. is a big campfire where we tell stories to each other. Each user can also start their own fire: These fires are groups of people who tell each other stories about a certain topic. At the end of each story, the fire at which the story was told is displayed.
On each fire page, there is a button " Join now". When you click on this button, you can select matching stories to sit by the fire. The fire hosts decide which story matches their fire.
To start a fire go to my > My Fires. On the top right you will find a button "Create your fire". We will then check if your fire complies with the platform rules.
Before your fire goes online, we check it and you can then get started. The best way to start is with your own stories and add matching ones. Then, search for stories that match your Fire and ask fellow writers to tell their story at your Fire.
To find submitted stories, go to your 'My' section and click on 'My fires'. There you'll find the stories that someone would like to tell at your fire. As the moderator, you decide if a story fits your Fire. You can accept or reject it. The writer will not be informed.
Of course! As a moderator, you decide if a story fits your fire. If not, you can reject it. The author will not be informed.
Go to your "My" area and click on "My fires". Click on the three bars next to your fire and select "edit". Make your changes and save them.
Yes, go to your "My" area and click on "My fires". You select on the right instead of "submitted stories" - "confirmed stories". Click on the three bars and select "Reject".
No problem. Click on "Forgot your password?" when logging in and follow the instructions.
Please email us at [email protected]
You can pay with credit card. To do so, select ‘Place order’ and then the payment method.
The best way to contact us is to send an email to [email protected]
Publish as many stories as you like. With 12 to 17 stories you can create your book directly on By uploading the book, you take part in the Young Storyteller Award. Anyone from the entire German-speaking region between the ages of 14 and 35 who is not older than 35 on the deadline date of February 12, 2021 can participate. In 2021 the YSA is only for stories in German. But we already plan the next YSA in multiple languages.
You can create a book with 12 to max. 17 stories. The stories can be connected or each can stand alone - there are no limits to your creativity. You can choose from more than 600 cover images on or upload your own cover image.
Participation and book publication are free of charge. In addition, each participant will receive a copy of his/her book as a gift. But you can order additional copies at any time. The author retains all rights to the stories, has the distribution rights for the book.
After the closing date (August 15th), a longlist of the submitted books will be drawn up. After that, a shortlist will be created from which the jury will choose its winning book.
All books for the book trade in continental Europe are produced by our partner "Book on Demand" near Hamburg. However, every book with an ISBN is available worldwide and is therefore also printed locally by BoD partners, sometimes in slightly different qualities and finishes. If you do not want worldwide distribution, please let us know or order online only from dealers who have a branch in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or online at .de, .at. or .ch instead of .com.