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Community Standards is a friendly place. Respect, tolerance and diversity are important to us. Everyone who writes, reads, shares, comments and follows the Community Standards with us is welcome.

How do things actually work with us at We do have to be clear about a couple of important rules: everyone is responsible for their own contributions. This applies to the stories as well as to the comments they write. Everyone has to agree to refrain from storing content, the use of which violates applicable laws – in particular the provisions of the criminal code or laws against unfair competition. All users refrain from violating third party rights - in particular third-party personal rights (the right to a good reputation) copyright and identification rights. Strictly forbidden is any content which is racist, pornographic in nature or which violates human dignity, promotes or glorifies violence, is slanderous, insulting, homophobic, or inflammatory in nature or in violation of proper moral standards.

Would you like to report a violation? Contact us by mail at [email protected]

If a user violates these rules, in the first instance they will receive a warning from us. If further violations take place, we will restrict that person's right to use our service or deactivate their account. In case of serious violations the account will be deleted without prior warning.  

Our rules apply worldwide to all users and to all types of content. And now: have fun reading, writing, sharing commenting, inspiring, and being inspired! 

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