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If you are an influencer or creator then you will have already published a lot of stories on your channels. Now you can increase your reach and credibility, by turning all that content into a book for your community – thanks to story.one. With your own book you can easily increase your reach, credibility and influence. Your posts, tweets or Instagram stories become chapters that tell your personal story. Your story is something special – it’s time to share them with the story.one community and beyond.

If your posts are seen by thousands…
Imagine what your book could do via the shelves of Thalia.

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This isn’t just writing, it’s about creating YOUR story – the funny, captivating, unique story you’ve been putting together via your socials or always had in mind. Pick up a pen or hit the keys. Your project can start straight away.

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Become part of our creative movement

If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry – many others felt the same. Let them share how they tackle the writing process, get tips and celebrate your success. story.one is not only writing – above all, it is about our community.

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300k+ members in our community

Join more than 300,000 others who have already shared their stories, published books, or simply connected with others. Creative diversity is what sets the story.one community apart.

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Your story on the Thalia bestseller list

Once you sell more than 300 copies of your book, we’ll make you – and your story – big at Thalia. Once you have reach 300 sales, we will help market your book with promotions, visibility and exclusive placement in the five Thalia flagship stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna and Düsseldorf!

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Make more of your stories. story.one gives your creativity a new platform

In the digital world, valuable content can get lost or overlooked. We offer an easy solution to turn your content into books so it survives, and reaches a wider audience. No matter whether you’ve already started writing or are taking your first steps – story.one can help. We’re all about the unique connections which occur when people share their stories with one another.

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If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a best-selling author, we can help you get published. While only you can tell your story, we are with you every step of your way to support you creating your book. To improve the marketing of your work, we have developed the story.one seller programme in collaboration with Thalia. It means any book which sells more than 300 copies is supported by having the book on sale in selected Thalia branches. And we have put together the best tips and tricks to make it easy for you to achieve those first 300 sales. And, as a creator, check out our Thalia Storyteller Award which has its own trend category – perfect for influencers and content creators. Here you can not only win, but also get advertising opportunities for your book.

Write a book for your community

Because your community wants to hear inspiring stories and delve deeper into your world, we have the perfect format for you. By publishing a book on story.one, you strengthen your unique voice, while building a deeper connection with your followers.

Get copies immediately on the shelves at Thalia

It doesn’t have to be selling 300 copies – if you order at least 50 copies, you will receive three author copies of your book free of charge. You can display these in one of the five Thalia flagship stores and start your own promotion.

The power of social media

Even if you already have a sizeable network of followers, you’ll be surprised at how excited they are when you reveal your new book. As an influencer, publishing a book gives you a unique opportunity to engage your community more deeply and strengthen your authenticity.

Always have a copy handy

Take every opportunity to get your book out to readers and make sure you have enough copies to hand. We give discounts on larger order quantities, so your success also pays off.
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This is what influencers
say about us

Author: Vanessa Gerbeth (@vaneschko_)

Book: “Lektion Leben”

“I was afraid to start my own book project because I was unfamiliar with the formalities and bureaucracy surrounding publishing a book. Then I found out about story.one and discovered how easy it can be. On the platform I was able to fully concentrate on writing and my creativity, while story.one took care of the rest.”

Authors: Nadine Roth & Rozerin Kaplan (@nadine.spth)

Book: “Wie viel kostet ein Leben?”

“story.one has made a significant contribution to making our dream come true. The compact and innovative format makes it very easy for aspiring authors to seize the opportunity to publish their own book! ”

Author: Jacqueline Kohler (@jacqueline.kohler.books)

Book: “Ein Leben, ein Tod.”

“It was a surreal feeling to discover my own book in Thalia, a bookstore that I have known since I was little and where I constantly order books. It’s certainly every author’s dream come true!”