Things that just make sense in a bomb shelter

von Valeria Shashenok

The Story behind 50 million TikTok Views „When Russia invaded my country, Ukraine, my parents, my dog and I fled to a bomb shelter that seemed more than bizarre to me. And because there was WiFi and the days were damn long and also boring, I posted videos to introduce my new home – some of them even went around the world. But my story is actually quite different: It’s that of a young girl full of big dreams, who wanted to discover the world and thought war was a bad joke. Until the day I realised I was in the middle of the biggest nightmare of my life.“ Valeria decided to show the world her hometown Chernihiv and tell the real stories – images and events which none of us could have imagined could have taken place in the 21st century in the middle of Europe. And the horror does not end with her escape to Milan. Once there, Putin’s bombs catch up with her and hit her right in the heart of her family. This is her story of bombs, evacuation, live, death and things that only make sense if you have to live in a bomb shelter. „It is horrible when you hear bombs, but you can’t do anything – you are just a toy.“

© Valeria Shashenok 2022-12-19