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Unleash the bestselling author in you – the “Hannes Steiner method”: For years he has published one bestseller after another, but now publisher Hannes Steiner is taking on the role of the author himself. In his first book, he sets out to decipher what for many is a closed book: how to write a bestseller. The “ bestseller formula” offers not only theoretical knowledge but also practical instructions that can be implemented immediately – the essence of the many years of experience of the two-time Publisher of the Year and visionary founder of According to him, there is a great book inside each of us, just waiting to conquer the world, and it has never been easier than it is today. So if you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, the perfect moment is now.

The book is available free of charge as a PDF on for all registered users and also free of charge as ebook on and It can also be purchased as a hardcover in bookshops for 18 euros.

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Young Storyteller Award® 2024

The Young Storyteller Award, presented by and Thalia, is looking for the inspiring storytellers of our time. We believe in the power of young voices to enrich the book market and pave the way for new trends and bestsellers. Are you ready to tell your story? Then take part in the Young Storyteller Award 2024. Write here. Write now.

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Gerlinde Bruckner
Author fulfilled a lifelong dream for me.
Kleine Zeitung
In the YouTube of books, all stories find a home.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Hannes Steiner is disrupting the book market with a digital platform.

Your entry into the world of

What makes so special?

Imagine you could publish your stories in a book – easily, quickly and without any hurdles. That’s exactly what does. We are more than just a platform, we are a movement that gives everyone the opportunity to become an author. With our unique format, you have the freedom to create your book exactly how you want it and share it with the world. Our partnership with Thalia means that not only do we connect you with millions of readers, but your book can make it into the finest bookshops. Immerse yourself in the world of, where your story matters and your creativity knows no bounds. Write here. Write now.

Popular genres and topics: Find your niche

In the world of, we encourage authors to break away from traditional genre boundaries. Classic formats are reinterpreted here – how-to books become “Fresh Advice”, biographies become “My Life Unplugged”. Our platform is a creative playground where styles, languages and content are freely mixed to create books that have never existed before. Our books are characterised by novelty, freshness and unusual content – they inspire with great titles and entertaining content.

Which genres and topics are permitted and popular at

At, we break with the traditional concept of fixed genres. We believe that the diversity of life has an infinite number of stories to tell, which is why we allow anything that interests people. Our platform is comparable to a social media platform, but for books. There are no limits here, only possibilities.

Every topic is welcome: Whether it’s a guidebook on the latest technology trends, a collection of poems, poetry slams about city life or a fantasy novel with an unexpected twist – at you can write a book on any topic in the world.

Fast and direct: We offer the opportunity to create books much faster and more directly than is the case with traditional publishers. Your ideas can be brought into book form immediately without lengthy delay.

From interest to bestseller: Don’t think about what is allowed, but consider what topics are of interest. Which book could become a bestseller in a local bookshop? Which topic needs to appear in book form right now? There isn’t really a topic for which there isn’t a potentially great book.

Be a trendsetter: Be inspired by the variety of content on social media platforms and be a trendsetter in the book market. At, you are free to tell the stories that really matter and captivate readers. is about breaking boundaries and leaving traditional categories behind. Our goal is to be a platform where everyone can share their stories, no matter how unique or unconventional the topic may be.

Choosing a captivating book topic: topics that inspire

In a world bursting with stories, it’s time to leave the beaten track and explore new literary horizons. The key to a book’s success often lies in having the courage to take unconventional paths.

1. break away from the classics and be bold The greatest opportunities often lie where you least expect them. Instead of sticking to familiar patterns, try to break new ground with your book. Write about topics that are rarely addressed or present classic topics from a completely new perspective.

2. be inspired by the digital world The digital world, especially social media and online communities, is a treasure trove of fresh ideas. Why not use a popular social media account or a current trend as a starting point for your book? The stories that resonate online can often inspire in book form too.

3. local and specific interests: An untapped potential There are stories lying dormant in your own region or community just waiting to be told. Or do you have a unique quirk or hobby that might fascinate others? Such specific topics can generate surprisingly wide-ranging interest.

4. the book market and Thalia: an open ear for new ideas The book market and bookstores like Thalia are always on the lookout for innovative and refreshing content. They know that the next big story could come from an unexpected corner and are open to new authors and ideas.

5. the title: your first impression counts An intriguing, provocative or simply beautiful sounding title can be the perfect starting point for your book. A well-chosen title not only sets a promise for the content, but can also set the tone for your entire narrative.

6. write about what really moves you. Ultimately, your book topic should be something that deeply moves and inspires you. Your passion for the topic will shine through every page and captivate your readers.

Conclusion The world is waiting for stories that step out of line, that touch the heart and stimulate the mind. Use your creativity, knowledge and experience to find a book topic that not only fascinates you, but also your potential readers. Your book could be the next one to conquer the shelves of Thalia and the hearts of readers!

Pictures, illustrations, QR codes: Your book, your creativity – A universe of possibilities

In your book at, you can tell much more than just a story – it can become a kaleidoscope of visual and digital experiences. By integrating images, illustrations, QR codes, diagrams and statistics, you can create a rich, interactive world that is as fascinating in fictional works as it is in modern non-fiction and how-to books.

Add visual variety to your book Use images and illustrations to enhance your narrative. In a novel, they could bring characters or important places to life, while in a non-fiction book or guidebook, they could illustrate complex ideas or data. Diagrams and statistics can make complex information accessible and easy to understand, encouraging readers to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Connect your book with the digital world QR codes are bridges to the online world. Link to supplementary videos that emphasise your arguments in a non-fiction book, to interviews with experts or to documentaries that expand on your topics. In a novel, QR codes could lead to hidden stories that exist outside the pages of the book, to character blogs, or to places mentioned in your book in the real world.

Creative ideas for expanding your book

  • Interactive maps: For fantasy novels, you could create detailed maps of your world that are accessible via QR codes.
  • Behind the scenes: Share short documentaries or interviews in a guidebook that show the process of creating your book.
  • Soundscapes: Create soundtracks or background noises that your readers can listen to while leafing through your book.
  • Augmented reality: Offer AR experiences via QR codes that bring illustrations to life.
  • Interactive workshops or exercises: In guidebooks, QR codes could lead to online workshops or interactive exercises.

Your book as a multimedia experience By integrating all these elements into your book, you expand your readers’ experience far beyond traditional reading. Your book becomes an interactive, multidimensional experience that conveys knowledge, entertainment and deeper insights in a creative and innovative way. Let your creativity run wild and create a book that is unforgettable in every way.

Author commission: reward for your creativity

At, the reward for your creative work starts early: from the 11th copy of your book sold in stores and all online shops, you will receive an author’s commission. For every book sold, you receive 10% of the gross sales price, which is set at a standardised €18. In actual terms, this means €1.80 for you per book. This price is based on an 80-page book with up to 18 colour pages, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way and on demand, anywhere in the world.

And there’s more to celebrate when you become a super seller. If you reach the magic number of 3,000 copies sold, your commission rises to 12%. And if you sell more than 10,000 books, it increases further to 16%. This tiered commission is our way of recognising and celebrating your success and popularity as an author.

Compared to other platforms, which often only financially reward selected creators, our model is characterised by its fair treatment of all creators.

At, your commitment and passion are not only transformed into an enriching experience, but also into a financial reward. Every page you write is valued and rewarded. Keep up the good work, because every book you sell brings you closer to your next level of success.

What happens if I sell more than 300 books via the retail/book trade?

If you manage to sell more than 300 copies of your book through retailers, you will reach a whole new level. As soon as you reach this impressive milestone, Thalia’s purchasing department will be informed of your sales success. This is fantastic news because your book will then be presented in the five Thalia flagship stores in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. But that’s not all. With this reference in your pocket, you can even ask your favourite Thalia store(?) if they would be interested in reading your book. What’s more, all books that pass this important milestone on the way to becoming a bestseller will be featured on’s channels. This is a great opportunity to spread your story even further and reach an even wider readership.

How are the exploitation rights regulated between and the authors?

At, it is important to us that you as the author clearly understand and retain your rights. When you upload your texts and/or graphics to our platform, we only acquire the right to publish, process, reproduce, make available and translate these works. In concrete terms, this means that we may publish your content on and make it accessible. However, we are not permitted to publish it in any other medium without your express authorisation.

As the author of your work, you retain all rights and are solely responsible for the use and availability of your texts and graphics. You can therefore decide for yourself what content and for how long it should be available on

If you decide to have your work printed in book form, you also grant us the distribution rights for the book. This granting of rights is valid for a minimum period of 6 months. At the end of this period, you can take back the distribution rights, whereby a processing fee of €25 will be charged.

Thalia and A strong partnership

Our partnership with Thalia expands the visibility of your books, with books are available in bookshops everywhere. This co-operation is an important part of our distribution strategy, making your stories accessible to a wider audience. At the same time, remains a platform that ensures comprehensive availability of your works throughout the publishing world.

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