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The Bestseller Formula

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Unleash the bestselling author in you – the “Hannes Steiner method”: For years he has published one bestseller after another, but now publisher Hannes Steiner is taking on the role of the author himself. In his first book, he sets out to decipher what for many is a closed book: how to write a bestseller. The “ bestseller formula” offers not only theoretical knowledge but also practical instructions that can be implemented immediately – the essence of the many years of experience of the two-time Publisher of the Year and visionary founder of According to him, there is a great book inside each of us, just waiting to conquer the world, and it has never been easier than it is today. So if you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, the perfect moment is now.

The book is available free of charge as a PDF on for all registered users and also free of charge an ebook on and It can also be purchased as a hardcover in bookshops for 18 euros.

In his late 20s, Hannes founded Ecowin Verlag. In a short space of time he was twice voted Publisher of the Year. He later worked on projects at Red Bull Media House and became Red Bull’s Chief Content Strategist after selling his publishing company to Dietrich Mateschitz in 2013 to pursue his passion on a larger scale. For years, as a book publisher, he had the privilege of guiding authors to the top of bestseller lists, but his enthusiasm eventually began to wane. The system had reached its limits. His desk was increasingly piled up with thousands of unpublished manuscripts, sent to him un- solicited. Although they weren’t all perfect for a long book, most contained extraordinary stories. More and more he longed to create a platform for all these great stories. With some courage, passion and a large slice of idealism, he decided to offer every storyteller in the world a place to turn their great stories into books. This is how was born, which ever since has been growing and growing and, above all, inspiring. Hannes lives with his family in Vienna.

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1972, Hannes Steiner is a complete story obsessive and the founder of He worked in his parents’ bookstore, where he hosted many author and speaker events. Even back then, he was excited that all these people he invited had a unique story to tell.

Create the whole book

The best books are seamless: from the title, to the cover, from the description, to the dedication and author bio
Book writing process
Start writing
01. Create the whole book

Hook them and reel them in

The biggest challenge is that the reader doesn’t stop reading. What do you do to keep the reader reading?
Book writing process
02. Hook them and reel them in

Your title is vital

It’s a reader’s first introduction to the story. Work to make your title work
Book writing process
03. Your title is vital

Keep your reader in mind

Why do they keep reading, how do you tell the story while keeping them hooked?
Book writing process
04. Keep your reader in mind

Consume and create

If you’ve decided to write a book you need to do two things: start writing and keep writing. Write the book you’d want to read and read for inspiration
Book writing process
Find inspiration
05. Consume and create

Make writing a habit

Writing for just a minute a day makes writing a habit. Keep writing. Every day
Book writing process
06. Make writing a habit

Be part of our community

Discuss ideas, exchange thoughts and find your tribe
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07. Be part of our community

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Discover our first story spot in the Thalia Mayersche bookstore in Düsseldorf. With creativity pouring from the shelves, you are bound to find the inspiration you need. Look forward to more story spots opening soon!

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First steps: From blank page to finished book

The path to your own book at is simple and intuitive. First, you register on our platform. Then you start writing your first story. You can write directly in the online editor or upload your text. As soon as your story is finished, you can publish it. Collect enough stories for a book and then move on to book creation. Here you can compile your book, design a cover and publish your finished work.

The format: your creative canvas

Our unique book format gives you the freedom to turn your vision into reality. A book consists of 12-17 chapters, with each chapter always containing up to three pages of text and an additional page for pictures, illustrations or quotes. The cover is always a hardcover, which gives your book a high-quality look and feel. This format gives you the freedom to tell your story your way.

Which genres and topics are permitted and popular at

At, we break with the traditional concept of fixed genres. We believe that the diversity of life has an infinite number of stories to tell, which is why we allow anything that interests people. Our platform is comparable to a social media platform, but for books. There are no limits here, only possibilities.

Every topic is welcome: Whether it’s a guidebook on the latest technology trends, a collection of poems, poetry slams about city life or a fantasy novel with an unexpected twist – at you can write a book on any topic in the world.

Fast and direct: We offer the opportunity to create books much faster and more directly than is the case with traditional publishers. Your ideas can be brought into book form immediately without lengthy delay.

From interest to bestseller: Don’t think about what is allowed, but consider what topics are of interest. Which book could become a bestseller in a local bookshop? Which topic needs to appear in book form right now? There isn’t really a topic for which there isn’t a potentially great book.

Be a trendsetter: Be inspired by the variety of content on social media platforms and be a trendsetter in the book market. At, you are free to tell the stories that really matter and captivate readers. is about breaking boundaries and leaving traditional categories behind. Our goal is to be a platform where everyone can share their stories, no matter how unique or unconventional the topic may be.

What tips do you have for designing a book?

Here are some helpful tips for designing your book at

Book cover: A portrait format image is best suited for the cover. If you want to use a full-surface image for the cover and back cover, choose a landscape format image.

Back cover: Please note that no special characters such as inverted commas or dashes can be used when describing the book text on the back cover. You can design the back of your book with a coloured area, the font colour of the book description is white by default.

Spine colour: The colour of the spine is not customisable, it is set by default.

(Cover)Images: Dark images may appear slightly darker when printed. It is advisable to lighten such images in advance.

The writing process made easy: Our tips for you

The writing process at is designed to allow you to develop creatively. You don’t need long manuscripts: write short, concise stories that will captivate your readers. Think about a central theme or a coherent story that runs through your book. Stay authentic and write in your unique style. And most importantly, have fun!

How can I design the cover of my book at

The cover of your book is far more than just visual packaging; it’s a crucial element that captures readers’ interest and invites them to read. At, you can choose from over 2000 free cover images or upload your own image to create a cover that perfectly reflects your story. We check the quality of your image to make sure it meets our high standards.

Remember: An outstanding cover tells its own story. It should harmonise with the title and content and create an emotional connection with potential readers. Inspired by the philosophy of Steve Jobs and Apple which says “Don’t judge a book by its cover, but they do,” we at understand the power of an appealing cover. It’s your opportunity to make a first impression that makes readers curious and persuades them to pick up the book. Your cover is the first point of contact with your audience; it should capture the essence of your book and intrigue them at a glance.

Pictures, illustrations, QR codes: Your book, your creativity – A universe of possibilities

In your book at, you can tell much more than just a story – it can become a kaleidoscope of visual and digital experiences. By integrating images, illustrations, QR codes, diagrams and statistics, you can create a rich, interactive world that is as fascinating in fictional works as it is in modern non-fiction and how-to books.

Add visual variety to your book Use images and illustrations to enhance your narrative. In a novel, they could bring characters or important places to life, while in a non-fiction book or guidebook, they could illustrate complex ideas or data. Diagrams and statistics can make complex information accessible and easy to understand, encouraging readers to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Connect your book with the digital world QR codes are bridges to the online world. Link to supplementary videos that emphasise your arguments in a non-fiction book, to interviews with experts or to documentaries that expand on your topics. In a novel, QR codes could lead to hidden stories that exist outside the pages of the book, to character blogs, or to places mentioned in your book in the real world.

Creative ideas for expanding your book

  • Interactive maps: For fantasy novels, you could create detailed maps of your world that are accessible via QR codes.
  • Behind the scenes: Share short documentaries or interviews in a guidebook that show the process of creating your book.
  • Soundscapes: Create soundtracks or background noises that your readers can listen to while leafing through your book.
  • Augmented reality: Offer AR experiences via QR codes that bring illustrations to life.
  • Interactive workshops or exercises: In guidebooks, QR codes could lead to online workshops or interactive exercises.

Your book as a multimedia experience By integrating all these elements into your book, you expand your readers’ experience far beyond traditional reading. Your book becomes an interactive, multidimensional experience that conveys knowledge, entertainment and deeper insights in a creative and innovative way. Let your creativity run wild and create a book that is unforgettable in every way.

What happens if I sell more than 300 books via the retail/book trade?

If you manage to sell more than 300 copies of your book through retailers, you will reach a whole new level. As soon as you reach this impressive milestone, Thalia’s purchasing department will be informed of your sales success. This is fantastic news because your book will then be presented in the five Thalia flagship stores in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. But that’s not all. With this reference in your pocket, you can even ask your favourite Thalia store(?) if they would be interested in reading your book. What’s more, all books that pass this important milestone on the way to becoming a bestseller will be featured on’s channels. This is a great opportunity to spread your story even further and reach an even wider readership.

Thalia and A strong partnership

Our partnership with Thalia expands the visibility of your books, with books are available in bookshops everywhere. This co-operation is an important part of our distribution strategy, making your stories accessible to a wider audience. At the same time, remains a platform that ensures comprehensive availability of your works throughout the publishing world.

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