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Create the whole book

The best books are seamless: from the title, to the cover, from the description, to the dedication and author bio
Book writing process
Start writing
01. Create the whole book

Hook them and reel them in

The biggest challenge is that the reader doesn’t stop reading. What do you do to keep the reader reading?
Book writing process
02. Hook them and reel them in

Your title is vital

It’s a reader’s first introduction to the story. Work to make your title work
Book writing process
03. Your title is vital

Keep your reader in mind

Why do they keep reading, how do you tell the story while keeping them hooked?
Book writing process
04. Keep your reader in mind

Consume and create

If you’ve decided to write a book you need to do two things: start writing and keep writing. Write the book you’d want to read and read for inspiration
Book writing process
Find inspiration
05. Consume and create

Make writing a habit

Writing for just a minute a day makes writing a habit. Keep writing. Every day
Book writing process
06. Make writing a habit

Be part of our community

Discuss ideas, exchange thoughts and find your tribe
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07. Be part of our community

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We love stories. Because a world filled with stories is a better place.

What if we could listen to the stories from the whole of humankind.

You might have some questions.
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What is story.one?

Story.one is a new way of writing stories and creating books. It’s a fixed format which makes stories easy to write and easy to read. We’re changing the way books are written and published – it’s for everyone. Everyone who has a story, who loves writing or loves reading stories from around the world is welcome to be part of the growing story.one community.

Who writes on story.one?

Everyone and anyone. We’ve had best-selling authors, newcomers, writers from all around the world and all backgrounds. There are no barriers to joining, writing or publishing through story.one.

How does story.one work?

We keep things simple so you can start writing right away. Create an account, write stories, and collect them to create a book. The layout and length of the stories are all the same, so you don’t have to worry about formats – just the stories.

Why should I choose story.one?

story.one is a community of authors who want to write, share and collect stories to create books. You decide how many books are printed, who can read them and where they’re sold. Every book is between 12 and 17 stories and each story fits on to three pages and is less than 3,500 characters (including spaces). Within the story.one community people write because they love writing, and if you want to turn your stories into books, that’s great – but you don’t have to!

What’s a book challenge?

Book challenges are a chance for writers to create anthologies of stories. They’re open for up to three months, but could be a day, a week, a month or three months long. Once you have a story.one account, you can challenge friends or your fellow writers to submit a story. If you choose them to be included, they become an author, have their name on it and get a discount on the books. All challenge books are publicly available.

What do story.one books look like?

Books from story.one have a standard format – so they look the same all over the world. They’re 5 × 8 inches (12.7 × 20.3 cm), have a hard cover and contain between 12 and 17 chapters or stories. Each chapter fits on three book pages and has a maximum of 3,500 characters (including spaces), so books are about 60-80 pages in total. You can choose the cover image and up to seventeen colour pictures inside. For a small charge, you have other design options: you can choose from three different title cover designs and choose the back cover colour.

How do I create a book?

All you need is a story.one account, a dash of creativity and a passion for storytelling. Register on the platform and start writing with our text editor. Once you’ve written 12-17 stories or chapters, choose a title and cover image and you’re ready to publish your book.

Can I write a book with other writers?

Absolutely. You can either take part in a Book Challenge or start a challenge yourself to find authors from story.one to write with.

You can collaborate on a book outside these challenges. The easiest way is to put all the contributing authors’ names on the cover. If you want to distinguish who wrote a chapter, add the writer’s name in the “Copyright” section of that story.

Where can I sell my book? Where can people buy it?

Your book will be available to buy from all online bookstores. You can also promote your book and tell the world on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or LinkedIn, to sell it to your friends and followers. Or you could buy a few copies to display and sale at book readings and events.

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