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Never Enough

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Never Enough |

Fragile smile, able to disappear anytime.

Always searching for another moment

that could make living worthwhile.

‘Cause everything’s just an excuse

for you to lose your confidence

think you’ll have to walk continents

just to grasp a sense of your existence.

It won’t ever be enough

No explanation,

nor any laugh

not the sky,

nor this photograph

that is supposed

to tell you who you are.

No, it won’t ever be enough

you’re just a restless soul

fleeing from the misery

that’s put into every man’s heart.

Only few figure out from the start

that this is all that we’ll ever be.


set from those who don’t know better

what piece of soul

is left to shatter

when you wanna be even

with all those cemeteries.

© Anna Radonic 2021-05-01


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