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Soul sisters

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Soul sisters |

Michele was my rock in the ocean, back in 43 Peter Street. She was my direct neighbor back there and then, and together with her 1-year-old toddler Ben we spent lots of time playing together or going on loooong walks around our neighborhood. On many occasions we were having movie nights as Ed, her husband at that time, was often away. She would counsel me on many issues I had with my host family, and more then one time she would drop me off at the local train station, in order for me to escape my host parents for the weekends and get some needed space.

When I left Boston for good, we stayed in touch throughout all those years. Together we went through heartaches, divorces and break-ups, losses, and growing kids topics. We always used to communicate via the old-fashioned email way. And I visited her back in America as often as I could!

When her boys grew older, they came visiting me here in Europe several times. And because of Michele's recent job we got the opportunity to see each other also now and then in beautiful Paris.

Michele was and still is one of my best and closest friends! She knows everything about me and accompanied me through the ups and downs of more then two decades. Our friendship became even stronger throughout those 23 years that we now know each other. We live on two different continents, in different time zones and one ocean apart. We differ 11 years in age but we have always been on the same level emotionally and spiritually, and we share so many beautiful and unforgettable moments and memories together.

With new technologies coming up on the horizon, also our way of communication changed: from the quite antique eMail exchanges to iMessages, Snapchat, Instagram and Facetime! We now almost cover it all.

Having been so close to each other over all these years I would have never guessed that there would come a more difficult time for our friendship. This year is the first time ever that we experienced some kind of issue. It has been a challenging year for both of us, going through at least one major break-up, while the world is totally upside down because of Corona and those repeating lockdown situations. We both had topics that we experienced differently. And it seemed that we could not support each other like we used to. It has been the first time ever that we don't quite know what is recently going on in each other's lives. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings seem to stand between us, and even though we still reach out to each other now and then, the intimacy and connectivity is missing. We used to call each other soul sisters, but our souls currently don't synchronise well.

I still believe in our very special bond and have trust and faith that we will find our way back together someday. We need to grow individually right now in order to continue our path as soul sisters in the future.

There is this beautiful saying that is also valid for friendships: If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, its yours forever. It's important to have the freedom to choose!

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