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Confession |

"She originally came from Graz..."

Truth or false? You decide. A bad conscience?

Just relax . Everything will be clean. I am not responsible for the images in your head.

Without future. Without a chance. Without excuses. I will visit again, sure that her husband, my friend, is not at home. Tuesday I try to improve my German. You look that I should learn more.

German as a love language. Well, only now, I decide. She was 'Hanna'.

A few weeks ago. "Why are you kissing me," Hanna said. "What do you mean?" I didn't answer.

Alone, the two of us, how can I concentrate on learning German? Next to me her pillow, filled with feathers.

I played with the thread without looking. forget learning.

Later, she played chasing the remote just the two of us "Hanna don't eat the remote"

As a distraction we watered the garden and collected her piles of leaves just nicely, but she shuddered and gusted out a wind of leaves and seeds and flowers.

patience readers. Courage grows more, almost done

Back inside for more homemade bread her special recipe

Until I melted and relaxed in her vase.

More than ten thousand times from the same menu.

But soon the boss came home.

No evidence all cleaned. Only the dirty secret of unlove, if such a word exists

Speak to you soon

Chris the doer

(the umlauts are missing sorry)

© Chris Wright 2022-05-17


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