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NYD Ramble

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NYD Ramble |

New job new house new baby new wife

typical things to get the dice rolling

we get diverted by the game of life

passing GO, again, can be consoling

we rush heedless into act 2

boy meets girl and wait for a star to fall

Finally away from the stream we wait to

Queue for silver screen with a white wall

Opening titles assault the screen

Eyes averted back to square one

To fake first page of my magazine

I tear off the advert and it’s properly begun

The film works backwards to the explosion

Everything that is is an afterthought

Big bang cosmological erosion

Ends come first . the middle counts for nought.

NYD all thoughts are quiet

Seeds aren’t lettuce more numerous

Chewing on the leaves live and let diet

Everything I write is humorous

© Chris Wright 2022-01-07


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