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Audaciously Authentic

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Audaciously Authentic |

What does it mean to be Audaciously Authentic? It is very simple. It is when you don't bullshit yourself and others. Particularly yourself. When we lie to ourselves, we give power to the Ego and our lives turn into an endless drama, one lie after the other. We get lost into our stories and lies and we don't give any space to our higher self to shine. I have recently moved to the USA and I have never seen so many perfect sparkling white smiles! I get a sense that a lot of people worry about how they look, how they are perceived. Everybody seems to be so super happy when they say "Have a great day!”. But many of those smiles don't seem authentic. There is something fake, something not quite right.

When we give an audaciously authentic smile, it comes from deep within. Crooked teeth? Who cares. I love the authenticity that each one of us holds. It is our imperfections that make us unique and authentic. When you are audaciously authentic, you are automatically beautiful. Even your audaciously authentic sadness becomes beautiful! To be audaciously authentic takes courage! You give space to your True Self. Go ahead, be bold and audaciously authentic. Show who you are to the world. Be You your true self now. You only have this one lifetime to be audaciously authentic. Go for it!

© Cristina Lorefice 2022-05-05


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