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Greece, lies & videotape

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Greece, in the summer of 2014. I then got an offer to be in a porn film. I'm not sure if it's amateur or professional. I'm not that much of a connoisseur as to knowing the difference.

A week before I got this interesting proposal, I was still in a taxi with a friend. Our first day in Athens. We were on our way to a permaculture design course in the countryside. Near the sea. In a romantic mountain village. With olive trees, colourful summer flowers and the sound of the sea. At least that's how I imagined it. My friend said, "It seems..." Sentences that start like that are always great. "... Greek men are the sexiest men."So I immediately inserted a handsome young man with a sexy accent into my fantasy for the coming week. With ancient Greek poetry, compliments in which he would compare me to nymphs and other mythological creatures. And oh yes, serenades on my balcony. Those things. I silently addressed my wishes to Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and creativity. Goddess, show me your Greece.

My friend and I took the bus to a mountainous village where we would take a week-long course in permaculture design. I kept gazing out of the window, still dreaming and romanticising. The landscape of our destination was even better than I had imagined. With an ancient oak tree. A cuddly donkey. I even had a balcony. No romance with a modern-day Paris of Troy. I didn't make love. However, I made art and brought poetry into my life. The Aphrodite in me was satisfied in this way. After the course, I had a few days left and decided to hitchhike to Delphi, to see the temples of the oracle and contemplate who I am and want to be in the future. After a week in the dirt, I booked a room in a hotel. I changed clothes. I put on some make-up. And then I treated myself to an evening with myself. And wine. Solo female pampering.

In the restaurant, I struck up a conversation with two Greek men. They gave lots of compliments. And they were clearly trying to seduce me. They weren't my type, but I liked the attention. And I thought about what this friend said a week ago, and thanked Aphrodite for some flirting activity on this journey. I dropped I was an intern for a documentary house.

‘Oh, we are also in video production,’ they said. ‘We actually even wondered if you wanted to help us.’

I drank from my glass of wine. ‘What’s the video about?' ‘It’s a porn movie.'

I was stunned. Was this Greek humour? They pulled out their mobile phones and even showed footage. From their former female stars who agreed to take part in their "personal project". Oh holy Aphrodite, they really meant it! My ears were red. I took a big gulp of wine and politely declined their offer. Then I lied that I had another Skype conversation with my boyfriend. You know the familiar excuse you always use when you have to turn down another role in a porn film. In my room I thought with an amused smile: From now on I have to be careful what I wish to Aphrodite.

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