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Running |

I'm running as fast as I can,

I hear them say that I'm neither woman nor man,

I have to escape this land,

I can still remember the band,

where I used to play,

I think it was last May,

But no, I have to get away,

or else they will betray,

betray me again,

What will happen then?

No, please no sufferings for me!

I'd welcome that with glee,

That'd be a relief,

but all I see now is grief,

sorrow and sadness,

Trust feels like madness, a mind trap you might fall for,

If you do, your ex-friends slam you to the floor,

They laugh at you, they stare,

About your feelings they don't care,

You see how blind you were, trusting them to the core,

They just need to get bored of being friends with you,

Sadly, this can be true,

Then they reveal their bad side,

They say that to you they've often lied,

This happened to mine too,

In the morning, when the skies were blue,

And who knew that our friendship wasn't true?

That's why I'm running,

running away with you

© FieryAngel 2022-05-17


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