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Jenny |

Jenny felt no passion, missed the entire drive and soon was existing without the lease of life. All she ever wanted was to feel anything. The one who could save her was sure prepared to bring. He moved her heart, he touched her soul, her belief was out of control. The close view in his eves showed his life showed his grief showed the obsession and his sensual attitude, showed his love — touched her heart. She hoped that he would never see that she did true love him, too.

Tried to stop the feelings with all her feats of brain then she had to deal with only bittersweet pain. He moves her heart, he touched her soul, her whole life was out of control, but dummy didn't trust physical desire, she knew — without burning you can't touch a fire. Now she is all alone in dreadful vain. More than ever wanted she feels sweet pain.

© Kati 2021-06-10


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