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What I've been meaning to tell you.

  • 24

I hope you know…

That I have forgiven you. You hurt me, maybe more than anyone else ever did, but just because we were so close and I really loved you like I never loved anyone before, even more than I thought I could. But NO MATTER what you'd tell me you can never break me, do you understand?I’m not giving up on myself just because of you. I might be emotional but not to confuse that with weakness.And I just want to say, that it's OK, it's not always easy, feelings are not supposed to be controlled, you feel how you feel and I just want you to know that I understand you so deeply.So even if u fall in love with someone else don’t feel bad for me, its not that I rely on you, nor that I ‘need’ you. Leave when you feel like I'm no longer for you, because I wouldn’t want a person to be in my life that sees me any differently.

Why are you always so afraid of your own happiness? Shoot your shot.

You know, I still have deep love for you and that's not because I’m blinded by how the good times made me feel, but because I love the fact that even the worst times still made me realise that you are a good person, a good friend, company and I, of course love you for all the good things we had, but for the bad things nonetheless.

You are enough, always.

You - alias my younger self

© Mailin_Grey 2021-12-08


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