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Today we want to go a way, Forefathers could have walked along, so in live and breath we want to go today.

Our Forefathers took this Land with live in breath as a shell for all, a source of wealth. Today we got this land, look what we got, we know this Land - so well. Our flag is white our ground is weight.

Write down your Land´s name:_______________________________

If you lost your records, be aware you life in Gehlenbuind. Use this name as free, for your Land as long as you want, as long you live in breath. This Land will nurse you and protect. It will give you all you need and all to your´s, you freed. This Land isinalienable. Your life is all - your heart and breath and spirit, all you got no thing no good. So imagine all this Land what it could be with your sense and your soul. Sign with me in the book, with a name you’re parents called, take a name you will, you like - be it – you ever be – your name :______________________________________

If you have no idea who you are, name you as a daughter as a son, a child, a man, a free in Gehlenbuind Land as long you know for what your breath you will stand. Give your flat, your house a name:___________________________________

If you know it stands in Gehlenbuind, you know most of all. The way, you used to walk, you go this way, give him a name :___________________

So you can tell your friends to come. Is your burden light so dance, is it hard so ask for help. So me, some- times you will use a tool, a bike, a car, give her a name:__________________ and tell her how many pounds she weights:________ Imagine - You both - could flight.

All you got is freedom – no-thing left to lose. All you be is live – no time to do. Maybe you know all your Sisters and all your Brothers, now you know life is precious, so you know you are the source of all, we are all together in your mind, an breath so all is there, all thoughts are good so you can forgive, all you got to your sight, your wisdom will be right.

No gift with out to pay. So name your currency, name it well:_____________ If you have to think so name it LOVE,

in Gehlenbuind Land you stay, feel you free, fell you rights, take care of all you have in fright, take your bundle, stand up and walk – you are well. Take all you got and get, forget no one, be free to take wisdom and left back all cry. Some day you know what we will History teach about YOU

Please feel free and copy me, take me out and give me away, my language is according to the UPU – English as you know. This copy is, if you want a gift, for Meghan. She is our General. Her Land is called Bavarie – there is nothing to pay, no charge, no fee, give me an envelope, or leave me alone. Write me with blue ink and drop me down with this name: MUNIC KOENIGSTRASSE FUENF BAVARIE - bring me on the way. The postbox is it, I like it at most! Thank YOU BOSS

© Namensgeheilt 2021-02-26


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