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A touch of destiny

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A touch of destiny |

She evaded the crowds that were in the streets. It wasn’t any less crowded in the shops. Actually she should have expected that so shortly before Christmas. Wandering the streets and shops, nothing really caught her eye. Here and there she still tried on the one or the other, but in the end left it behind. Before returning home, she wanted to treat herself with some punch. The back streets were finally less crowded. She took a deep breath and set off with a goal.

Her breath in white clouds in front of her eyes, the cold that turned her cheeks red. Oh yes, she liked the winter. It made her feel. Once arrived at the desired location, shortly after she held a mug of the steaming drink. Her hands warmed up and although she should have known better, she tried immediately. Burned her tongue. Also to be expected. So the direct way back to the car would be too short. In her head she weighed which way to go.

A short time later she strolled across the town square and when the traffic light was red at the intersection, she got her earpods out of her coat pocket and plugged them in. When she made the third step over the zebra crossing, a honking car horn tore her from her thoughts. Reflexively, she looked around and saw that it had actually been meant for her. From the car he indicated to meet on the next back road near his apartment.

What a coincidence, if she didn't have her tongue burnt and had taken a different route, stepped into one store less or had walked at a faster pace, their paths wouldn't have crossed that day. A touch of destiny? A whim of the universe? Coincidence? Or more? That’s what she was thinking while she walked into the indicated direction.

There he was already waiting for her. They laughed and greeted each other. When he asked, she didn't refuse his offer to join him. Once at his place, she made herself comfortable with her punch, that had meanwhile cooled to a drinkable temperature. He followed with a cup of coffee. As it inevitably had to come, the well-known attraction gained the upper hand. But this time he broke their kiss to tell her something.

Up until now it had stood unspoken between them, the question of what they were. She already knew, had braced herself, and was relieved to hear it from him: That he wanted to keep it non-binding at the moment. She looked into his eyes and replied: "I know", before continuing the kiss.

Finally it has been said out loud, but then the "at the moment" was taking over in her head. And it weighed somehow heavier than anything unspoken before. Their paths had crossed before, what else did the future hold in store? Or did it exist, destiny? But for now, at that moment, it was as should be and that was all that mattered.

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