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The last fight - The8less.

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The last fight - The8less. |

Lost And The Glaun

Nearby near the story happened in the little place called cold world of the stone filled hart. This happened between and heartbeat and the recognition that I heard never break a heart could never the right, a heart could never without left behind. Could never be this stoneengine. In since we discovered the hardest materias in SHOR -DiamONd, a demand this heart only could ignore, open again and again breath by breath this heart will give all and do not play every amount of work. Ever it gave all the heart could give. Be the hole expression open and kiss and release and give and kiss dipotal quadrodimotional precious life encrypted cave different moving Fluid forming waving face to evade of life punched bye pulsing energy electrical power for noting that the muscling. The emperss got a lithogon and a black and cold, a fourth brain, the cortex cerebra. She servegot by legion.

For a story,one day she got pregnant and lost, again. 777

Touched and healed from shy being further on protected by an emerald green harnish, inside like mandel green light. As time went by this eviroment formed the lituus to a uncutted diamond stone with a plasma red masculin moving flame. Her Lover, her beloved one, she more than a man ever toched her HER, she could never toched this bi-ing once again like this moment

Fashing thuderstorm took place in between both bi-bi-ings. Hermaphrodite like, not the same both loved in a Platonic way. With the moonlight Aries one bi-ing SPOKE WOrDS OF LOVE. After a short long while both stood alone in a world of friends false wrong link than hell. The tower inside carried them separated until 

He gets rid of the snake telling spelling wrong to right. The burden he carries years inside his heart. Abuse stopped, the hurt began to get wearable as her emerald green harnish.

SHE GETS RID OF THE SNAKE taking wrenching obsession out of here. Black magic used this time than toilet paper, stretcher her golden body for excitement and fun. BE-ING got be-ing for exalting pleasure fun. This caused a karmic turbulent backfire to the evil one.

By support of guardian angels, mother earth and sister moon, sunn goldens Be-ing son, sun standing, steady, already knowing what going on above, a wish and with Ganesahs support, the black Eva glue was thrown further than dust will remain to a place called out of the brain. For a uncounted period off time. Pythagoras had to lay down his wand Plato became weightier Sokrate smiled calm. Cancer girl got spirits, telling her truth knowledge clarity and from the love silent words, her sole in pain

Still times of war on earth, sorrow, fear anger, sadness and adjustment rules the slaves of work, paying life by death. Aided by loneliness and separation. A world of a eon still dreaming on.

Solders of light and shine walking by in estate of suffering hopeful blinded human. Suddenly a fash blow all betray awayđŸ’„


This moment a kiss off THE EMPRESS and the King Of Wands the diamond melted to ❀ ♄

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