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one second apart, miles away

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one second apart, miles away |

He just stood there - a few meters in front of me - as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

And I watched him while he was talking.

My eyes rested on his strong arms, that were rapidly moving up and down as he was trying to make his point.

There was a certain passion in the way he was speaking and fire in his eyes.

I adored his appearance and noticed my breath getting faster & deeper.

Just for a second, he noticed me too and paused.

Confusion. There was probably some kind of confusion going on in his mind.

Did he recognize me? Did he remember? Did it matter?

As I leaned back to follow the rest of the lecture, I couldn't help it but let my mind wander back in time.

The first we accidentally met, the first time we laughed together, the first time we bonded -

And now we are so far from being close again.

© Sandra-btw 2022-05-26


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