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Dear Maureen,

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Dear Maureen, |

I'm writing to you, because there are so many things that haven't been mentioned yet. I'd like to tell you that you are a very special person for me. I really do love your sophisticated and cordial manner, and especially your British humour.

We were privileged every time when you joined our English conversation classes at the library. It was wonderful to have the assistance of a native speaker to help discussing different topics in English with the participants. It was great when you told us about your daughter and her nice family. They were going abroad for a job for a certain time. You were very proud of your three grandsons who are very clever and sportive.

You grew up in the suburbs of London and came to Austria for love. In Suisse you met your Austrian husband, because you both were working there. Then you travelled to Vienna for a new job. There you had been working very diligently for a big company for many years. In Lower Austria you built a house which is surrounded by a large and very beautiful garden with old fruit trees. In summer I remember picking fresh mirabelles and boiling organic jam. So I had a nice Christmas gift for you and my friends.

I remember our hilarious Christmas party at your house some years ago. You had invited the members of our English class to enjoy your hospitality and your delicious fruitcake. It was marvellous to listen to your Christmas stories and to learn about English tradition.

Due to a severe sickness you had to use a wheelchair for several years. Then came the pandemic and you weren't able to meet a lot of people. You had to take care of your health in order not to get infected. So we used to talk on the phone. Last year suddenly you weren't able to communicate and so we sent messages. I remember well the pictures of your cute kitten Fluffy and Mauzi you sent me in October. I don't know if you were able to read my last Christmas greetings, I fear that you were already too sick.

My dear friend, this is my first and last letter to you. I took this photo in Cornwall when I watched a play in the Mimack Theatre some years ago. We both shared a special love for your home country, England which is surrounded by the sea. You were very fond of flowers and trees and I hope that you'll like that picture.

I listen to the Beatles, humming with them: “I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping. While my guitar gently weeps.”

Dear Maureen, I'm sure that you're dancing with the angels in heaven now. I miss you badly.


P.S. I'd like to quote Hermann Hesse, and I hope that you'll like it:

“Heim kommt man nie. Aber wo befreundete Wege zusammenlaufen, da sieht die Welt fĂŒr eine Stunde wie Heimat aus."

Eigenes Foto: Cornwall

© Silvia Peiker 2022-01-30



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