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The Secret of my life

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The Secret of my life |

During my studies for my new profession as a leisure educator at the University of Education in Baden a colleague of mine recommended Rhonda Byrne’s book THE SECRET to me. It turned out to be a page turner and these brilliant sentences became very important for my journey through life:

“The key to visualization is to keep the picture moving in your mind, and yourself moving in the picture. If you keep the picture moving like a movie, you can master visualization really quickly. Keep your visualization busy with lots of movement, and your mind will become so captivated it will not be able to think of anything else.”

Those words were the best description of my constantly changing professional life. When I finished school I imagined to work in the office like my mother did. As a young girl I liked to help her with her daily work routine after grammar school and so I started my own career as a secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna.

After I had given birth to my first daughter I had to make up my mind whether I should continue to work for eight hours and sometimes doing overtime or to stay at home with my little sunshine watching my child’s development.

One day I read an article about mothers taking care of other people’s children in their own house. So I decided to have a special training as a childminder and as an educational aid. So I was able to look after my own three children and some other lovely boys and girls and they became good friends. So I could earn money and watch my kids grow up at the same time and owing to my excellent training I was able to help pupils who had problems with dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Some years later I started as a volunteer to transport lunch to pensionists and sick people at home on Saturdays and Sundays. So I could help elderly people and put a smile on their faces.

When I finished my studies as a leisure educator my dreams came true. Now I could work with pupils at primary school. At University I had made the acquaintance of Dr. Rollett, a very well-known professor of psychology at the University of Vienna. She encouraged me to be trained as a writing mentor at the Center of Teaching and Learning to assist students with writing their scientific works. That was a very interesting experience and a nice challenge to work with young grown-ups.

Four years ago I had to quit my job at school due to health problems. I hadn't paid attention to all the warning signals my body had sent me. But I seized the opportunity to work in a library by offering a special programme to parents and their young children.

I always tried to broaden my mind, to visualize my new professional aims and to learn more about my abilities and my hidden talents like writing stories on

Let's compare life with playing chess: You need the right strategy to plan your next move. Sometimes your manoeuvres are successful but sometimes you lose one of your chess pieces. But you should always keep in mind your vision of life, because we are born to keep moving!

Photo: Elia Pellegrini, thx

© Silvia Peiker 2021-07-03

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