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Loving you.

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Loving is difficult.

It always was,

But loving someone who is out of your reach is even harder.

No matter how fast, no matter how far I run – I will never be able to get to you.

Separated by galaxies.

Punished and chosen to suffer from afar.

Not even our pain can be shared.

The only time that our souls are truly close is whenever the night breaks in and my eyes meet the stars.

Just then I know that he is looking up to them too.

For that split second our eyes, our hearts, our souls met.

For that split second we are connected.

We are us, in those little moments.

Limited by time.

Crushed by fate.

Punished by the gods.

But I'll still stay up each night,

Sternly searching for you in each sparkle, in each star I see.

And I fell in love with you again.

Just as the sun starts to rise and the last star disappears, my heart breaks again and I wait, lingering in the last moment of us.

Just as the sun starts to warm up my skin, I start to feel the coldness take over my heart.

Just then I realized that love will never be easy, not for us, but I'll still choose you.

And I'll keep choosing you.

Every day.

Each day again.

Until the very end.

Cause I'd rather live through the pain of our separated love than to never love you at all.

I would rather say goodbye over and over again than imagine a world without our first hello.

So until tomorrow, my love -


© thewriter 2022-05-15


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